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    Cheap Bathroom Cleaning Services

    In bustling Kolkata, maintaining a clean bathroom is a challenge, especially amid a hectic schedule. The city’s vibrant life demands a professional touch for thorough cleaning. Clean Shala provides the best bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata, ensuring a spotless haven. Whether your space is vacant or occupied, our expertise with tools and eco-friendly chemicals saves you time and offers a hygienic retreat. Choose us for meticulous cleaning, granting you more free time while we ensure your bathroom stays refreshingly clean.

    Established in 2020, Clean Shala has swiftly become the leading cheap toilet cleaning company in Kolkata. In just three years, we’ve proudly served over 500 customers, earning trust with our impeccable services. Our team comprises 20+ trained professionals equipped with modern tools, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Using harmless and eco-friendly chemicals, we prioritize your well-being. Beyond washrooms, we offer a range of cleaning services in Kolkata, encompassing deep home, sofa, carpet, office, kitchen, and water tank cleaning. Choose Clean Shala for a spotless and eco-conscious solution, making your space not just clean, but truly pristine.

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    Bathroom Cleaning Cost Calculator

    Bathroom cleaning price List in Kolkata

    Discover the ultimate in reliable, convenient, and budget-friendly bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata. We excel in providing top-notch services at competitive rates, ensuring customers have the flexibility to choose their preferred date, time, and service type. Our transparent pricing takes into account factors such as the number of bathrooms, the level of dirtiness, and the bathroom area. *The price may change while you are viewing this.

    No. of BathroomCharges
    1 bathroom (Normal)₹399.00
    1 bathroom (Deep)₹499.00
    2 bathrooms (Normal)₹698.00
    2 bathrooms (Deep)₹898.00

    What’s included in Bathroom cleaning services?

    Our Bathroom Cleaning Service includes the removal of hard water stains, soap scum, and mineral deposits with mild, harmless chemicals. We eliminate yellow spots, and tough grime, and revitalize tile, grout, tubs, and showers. Descaling fixtures enhances shine, while disinfecting ensures a hygienic space. Wiping mirrors, glass, and chrome adds sparkling clarity. Mopping, dusting, and thorough cleaning leave your bathroom completely refreshed.

    • Removing hard water stains (Requires acidic solutions)
    • soap scum and mineral deposits using mild, harmless chemicals
    • Eliminating yellow spots and tough grime from surfaces and fixtures
    • Scrubbing tile, grout, tubs, and showers to revitalize their condition
    • Descaling sink and shower fixtures to improve shine
    • Disinfecting toilets, counters and other surfaces
    • Wiping down mirrors, glass and chrome for sparkling clarity
    • Mopping and dusting all corners and edges
    • Leaving your bathroom completely refreshed

    our Bathroom Cleaning procedures

    When you opt for our toilet cleaning service, you don’t have to do anything; we will take care of everything. Our bathroom cleaning services in Kolkata are not limited to the toilet only; we cover each and everything present in your bathroom.

    Once our team completes its work, you can’t believe that this is your old bathroom. Using our shower tile cleaning service is like you are renovating your bathroom and giving it a new look and long life. All bacteria, dirt, dust, and all type of unwanted stuff are eliminated from everything in your bathroom. A fresh, clean, and hygienic environment will be created as our team completes its cleaning service, and you will not smell any odour after cleaning. Decontamination is also included in our washroom cleaning services, giving you a healthy and hygienic environment.

    Why does one need to clean the Bathroom at regular intervals?

    Maintaining clean bathrooms is crucial due to the presence of germs, bacteria, and microorganisms. Regular cleaning is essential, considering the frequent use of bathrooms throughout the day. Neglecting bathroom cleanliness invites a multitude of germs, especially since we come into direct contact with toilets, facilitating the rapid transmission of bacteria.

    Beyond health concerns, regular cleaning is vital for preventing odours and maintaining indoor air quality. A properly cleaned and hygienic bathroom contributes to a positive environment, impacting both physical and mental well-being. Emphasizing the importance of regular cleaning aligns with the mission of a professional bathroom cleaning service. Get in touch with a professional bathroom cleaning service today, such as ours, for a gleaming and tidy bathroom.

    Tools we use for toilet cleaning?

    Like our procedure, our tools are also the best in the market. We use all types of tools, including the finest quality chemicals, to give you the best results. The chemicals we use don’t negatively affect your bathroom and other stuff, and once we complete our cleaning, you will not find a single drop of chemicals in your bathroom.

    We did all our work precisely so that a customer would not face any issues even after our service. Some of the tools we use are hand scrubbers, brushes, cleaning chemicals for floor & commodes, wiping clothes, etc. These are just a few; our professional team is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and stuff, along with some modern tools.

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    The cost of bathroom cleaning in Kolkata is determined by factors such as the size of the bathroom, the level of dirtiness, and the specific cleaning requirements.

    Yes, you can choose the date and time for the bathroom cleaning service to fit your schedule and preferences.

    Clean Shala has served over 500 customers in Kolkata since its establishment in 2020, making it a trusted choice for professional bathroom cleaning services.

    Clean Shala uses advanced tools and equipment for bathroom cleaning, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

    Clean Shala’s cleaning chemicals are safe and eco-friendly, prioritizing the health and well-being of customers.

    In addition to bathroom cleaning, Clean Shala offers a range of professional cleaning services, including deep home, sofa, carpet, office, kitchen, and water tank cleaning in Kolkata.

    The duration of a bathroom cleaning service by Clean Shala varies based on factors like bathroom size and the extent of cleaning needed.

    After Clean Shala’s bathroom cleaning service, you can use the bathroom immediately, enjoying a hygienic and clean environment.

    Clean Shala compensates for any property damage caused during the cleaning process, ensuring a worry-free experience for customers.

    Clean Shala uses hygiene-friendly products for bathroom surfaces, ensuring a sparkling clean and safe result.

    Clean Shala’s pricing policy is transparent, providing customers with clear and competitive rates for professional bathroom cleaning services.

    Clean Shala’s team consists of 20+ trained professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality and efficient bathroom cleaning services.

    Clean Shala stands out in professional bathroom cleaning due to its use of advanced technology, eco-friendly practices, and a team of highly recommended cleaners in Kolkata.

    Yes, Clean Shala offers professional bathroom cleaning services in multiple cities and towns in India.

    Clean Shala’s bathroom cleaning quality is distinguished by its commitment to providing a sparkling clean, hygienic, and worry-free environment, saving customers precious time and energy.

    bathroom cleaning services near me

    Undoubtedly, we stand as the premier bathroom cleaning service provider in Kolkata. Our exceptional procedure, highly skilled team, efficient tools, and impeccable time management make us the ideal choice. We are prepared to serve you regardless of your location, bathroom size, or time preference. Clean Shala is dedicated to providing its customers with the utmost excellence. So, don’t search for the best bathroom cleaning services near me, because CleanShala is always nearby.

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