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    Professional water Tank cleaning

    In modern-day, water tanks are used everywhere, whether you talk about individual homes, villas, apartments or even offices and other corporate buildings, and they have a direct impact on the life of hundreds and thousands of people. So one can’t afford improper cleaning of water tanks.

    As it is connected to human life, we must take the help of professional water tank cleaning services so that a human will always get the highest quality water for all purposes. CleanShala needs no introduction; we have been serving our customers for more than four years and helping them use the finest quality pure water for all their needs. In the past four years, we have cleaned hundreds of water tanks in several homes, apartments, office, schools, hospitals and industries so that the basic needs of a human is not compromised in any way. 100% customer satisfaction, quick response and reliable communication have made CleansShala one of the best water tank cleaning services in Kolkata.

    Why does one need to clean the water tank at regular intervals?

    It is well-known that germs and bacteria grow rapidly in stored water. In water tanks, water is stored continuously, and new water is filled in the existing water. So the water that is even filled on the very first day never gets used completely, and new water is added. After some time, various bacteria, germs, and microorganisms start growing rapidly, downgrading water quality and making it harmful to human health. Also, sometimes various impurities and germs come along with the main source of water, making the water impure. So it is necessary to check the water tank regularly and clean it at regular intervals.

    Doesn’t matter how insulated the tank is; dust and small dirt particles make their way inside the tanks, and slowly, their concentration increases, making the quality of water worst. Long-stored water also starts smelling bad, which is very unhygienic for humans. All we can say is improper, or late cleaning of water tanks may lead to serious health issues for people of all ages. So opt for CleanShala water tank cleaning services in Kolkata now and give your loved ones the best quality water.

    Types of water tank cleaning we do

    Different types of water tanks are there, and their use depends on different factors like water demand, type of organisation, commercial or residential, etc. CleanShala is capable of cleaning all types of tanks perfectly, regardless of their size, location, capacity, and type. Below are the domestic water tank cleaning services we offer

    • Overhead cemented water tank cleaning
    • Overhead PVC water tank cleaning (Patton tank, Sintex tank, etc.)
    • Loft water tank cleaning
    • Underground water tank cleaning
    • Rainwater tank cleaning in Kolkata

    Water tank cleaning price in Kolkata

    Clean Shala offers professional water tank cleaning services in Kolkata. The cost depends on factors like tank capacity, type (overhead or underground), cleaning level required, and project distance. Overhead tanks generally cost more due to accessibility issues. Underground tanks may require additional equipment, affecting the price. Larger tanks and deeper cleaning also increase the cost. Project location determines transportation charges.

    1 – 1000 Ltr₹650
    1000 – 3000 Ltr₹900
    3000 – 5000 Ltr₹1100
    More than 5000 LtrNeed Site Inspection

    Underground Water Tank Cleaning Service

    water tank cleaning Processes

    Access Lid Cleaning:


    High-Pressure Cleaning:

    Sludge Removal:

    Vacuum Cleaning:

    Anti-bacterial spray

    Tools we use for water tank cleaning

    We use a handful of modern and powerful tools to offer you the best long-term results. Once you use our overhead water tank cleaning in Kolkata, you don’t have to worry about anything as the complete process is eco-friendly and human-safe. No harmful residue, including chemicals, can be seen after our cleaning service. Here are some tools we use to offer you the best tank cleaning service in Kolkata.

    • Dewatering pump
    • Tubs & mugs
    • Hand scrubber machine
    • High-pressure water cleaning machine
    • Sludge extractor machine
    • Anti-bacterial agent spraying machine etc.
    water tank

    Why choose us?

    3 years of professional excellence

    Expert Service providers enlisted

    Hassle-free & affordable service

    Varieties of cleaning services Available

    100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    Services are available in multiple locations


    Cleanshala.In is your one stop destination for all cleaning & sanitization services. Our professional water tank cleaning service is the best in Kolkata.

    Our water tank cleaning service includes all types of water tank cleaning, be it a overhead RCC tank or over head PVC, or underground RCC tank, or metal tank. We clean them all & make them look new.

    Depending on the size of the water tank and amount of tasks involved, it may take from 2 hrs to 4 hrs to completely clean your home.

    As soon as the carpet is clean and dry, you can use it again.

    Yes, if our professionals are involved in damaging any property, we can compensate an amount after discussing it with the owner.

    No, refunds are not possible, we can revisit if you require any help.

    We use no chemical for water tank cleaning. For anti bacterial purpose we use chlorine or potassium permanganate solution.

    Our pricing policy is transparent. No other hidden or extra charges are required.

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