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Are you still working for Urban Company or Hometriangle, offering your services at minimal charges while wearing their branded T-shirts and following their terms and conditions?

You shouldn’t waste your valuable time there any longer. We are here to help you GROW your business.

We are a lead generation company solely focused on cleaning service providers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

You can set your own service fees, use your own brand, issue your own invoices, communicate directly with customers, and even collect reviews from them.

We simply connect you with customers. We are different from companies like Urban Company, Hometriangle, Sulekha, Justdial etc.

We exclusively partner with only one service provider in a city or locality, which means that all leads from your service area are directed to you.

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    Benefits of Getting Leads from Us

    ✓ Quality Leads

    All the leads we get online are of high quality and are carefully curated to match your service area and expertise, ensuring that you receive inquiries from potential customers genuinely interested in your services.

    ✓ Only You Get Leads

    We offer vendors exclusivity in their respective cities. When you purchase leads from us, you become the go-to service provider, reducing competition and increasing your chances of securing jobs.

    ✓ Customers Directly Calls You

    We value the power of direct communication with customers. This allows you to truly understand their needs and preferences, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

    ✓ You Control The Service Charge

    When you work directly with customers through our leads, you have more control over your pricing and profit margins, giving you the flexibility to adjust as needed.

    ✓ You Use Your Own Brand

    We respect your brand identity and allow you to maintain your reputation. You won’t be bound by strict branding guidelines like on other platforms.

    ✓ No Commission Fees

    Yes, we DON’T TAKE COMMISSION charges for each of the services. You buy leads for a monthly fixed fee much lower than Google Ads, Urban Company or Hometriangle.

    ✓ Reviews Management

    You have more control over managing customer reviews and testimonials, ensuring transparency and fairness. We are not interfering in that matter.

    ✓ Focus on Quality

    With handling marketing and advertising, you can concentrate on delivering exceptional quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.