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    Professional house cleaning services in Kolkata

    Everyone knows that health is wealth, but very few people know the importance of hygiene. And this is a well-known fact that hygiene comes with cleanliness. Whether you want to live a healthy life or want to give your home top-notch beauty, you must clean your house regularly. Now a person can’t clean his entire house perfectly, so he needs a professional home deep cleaning service. We at Clean Shala offer the best home deep cleaning services in Kolkata.

    Once you have availed yourself of our service, you will never look at any other home cleaning company. We have been in this business since 2020, and in this time frame, we have served hundreds of customers and helped them live a healthy and hygienic life. Our residential cleaning service in Kolkata guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, unbeatable prices, and the fastest & reliable communication. The time for app-based cleaning services like Urban Company has gone; it’s time for CleanShala.

    Home Cleaning Cost Calculator

    Home Cleaning Cost in Kolkata

    The price of our Kolkata home cleaning service depends on the cleaning type whether basic or deep cleaning, whether it is vacant or already occupied, total area, number of bathrooms, and inclusion of staircase cleaning etc. As the cheapest house cleaning service in Kolkata, we provide personalized quotes tailored to your specific needs, whether you need a normal or deep clean for your house or apartment. Our commitment to transparency ensures you receive an accurate estimate for your ideal cleaning package. *The starting price may change while you are viewing this.

    Type of WorkStarting Price
    Single Bedroom (Top to Bottom) Cleaning₹999
    Double Bedroom (Top to Bottom) Cleaning₹1500
    Normal Cleaning (1BHK)₹2799
    Normal Cleaning (2BHK)₹3499
    Normal Cleaning (3BHK)₹4000
    Deep Cleaning (1BHK)₹3599
    Deep Cleaning (2BHK)₹4199
    Deep Cleaning (3BHK)₹5000
    Independent Home (Up to 1200sqft)₹5199
    Independent Home (1200-2000sqft)₹8599
    Independent Home (2000-3000sqft)₹13199

    Full House Cleaning Services in Kolkata

    Our Kolkata deep cleaning service provides a comprehensive green home cleaning package that thoroughly cleans your entire house using environmentally friendly products. We scrub and descale bathrooms, degrease kitchen floors, dust furniture, vacuum carpets, and clean every room from top to bottom while excluding upholstery. Expect a refreshed and sparkling clean home when you choose our eco-friendly deep cleaning package in Kolkata.

    Bathroom Cleaning

    • Remove hard water stains, soap scum, mineral deposits using mild chemicals
    • Eliminate yellow spots and tough grime on all surfaces
    • Scrub tile, grout, tubs, and showers to revitalize
    • Descale fixtures to improve shine
    • Disinfect toilets, counters, surfaces
    • Wipe mirrors, glass, and chrome for sparkling clarity
    • Mop, dust all areas
    • Leave bathroom completely refreshed

    Kitchen Cleaning

    • Remove oil, grease, food stains from floors, tiles, stoves, ovens
    • Deep clean inside cabinets and drawers
    • Descale sink and faucets
    • Disinfect countertops
    • Wipe down appliances exterior
    • Clean window tracks and glass
    • Scrub walls, doors, baseboards
    • Mop, dust all areas
    • Leave kitchen sparkling clean

    Bedroom & Living Room Cleaning

    • Dry dust fans, furniture, decor, surfaces
    • Wet wipe switchboards, shelves, ledges
    • Remove cobwebs from corners, crevices
    • Clean window tracks, sills, glass
    • Scrub doors, walls, baseboards
    • Sweep, mop floors, move furniture
    • Vacuum upholstery, mattresses
    • Sanitize, polish furniture, decor
    • Leave living spaces clean, refreshed

    Exterior Cleaning

    • Pressure wash exterior walls to eliminate grime
    • Scrub patio floors, porches, driveways
    • Sweep debris from roofs
    • Clean outdoor furniture, surfaces
    • Dust window screens, exterior lighting
    • Remove cobwebs around doors, corners
    • Check rain gutters, drainage areas
    • Clean air vents, AC units
    • Clean building facades
    • Leave home's exterior cleared of dirt

    Sofa Shampooing & Cleaning

    • Vacuum to remove loose dirt, dust
    • Brush fabric to dislodge embedded particles
    • Pre-treat visible stains
    • Apply cleaner over entire sofa
    • Gently scrub with soft brush
    • Extract dirty solution with wet/dry vacuum
    • Air dry completely before use

    Carpet Cleaning

    • Clean all types of carpets & rugs
    • Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dirt
    • Apply appropriate solution, let soak
    • Scrub fibres with a brush to lift dirt
    • Extract dirty solution with a cleaner machine
    • Allow carpet to fully air dry

    Why does one need to clean the Home at regular intervals?

    Well, there is no rocket science behind this. There are a lot of reasons why everyone should clean their homes at regular intervals, and cleaning here means professional deep cleaning. The first and most important reason is air quality. Professional deep cleaning frees your home from dirt, dust, and other harmful particles and bacteria, improving indoor air quality.

    You will get amazed after knowing the fact that today indoor air pollution is more harmful than outdoor pollution. Secondly, it will eliminate all unnecessary things and stuff in your home, making it look well-organized. The best thing about availing of our house cleaning services in Kolkata is your house will be free from odour, and our eco-friendly process will refresh the environment completely. Last but not least, it will benefit your house's health and beauty.

    What are the procedures we use?

    Our procedures are the best in the market, and we assure you that every corner of your home will be perfectly cleaned with no revisions required. We guarantee you can see your face on the floors with our floor scrubbing. It doesn't matter whether your floors have carpet or not you will not find a single particle of dust. Apart from that, our eco-friendly liquids kill all bacteria and germs and don't leave any odor or smell. Like floor scrubbing, our staircase cleaning is top-notch, making your staircase look new and shiny. When discussing home cleaning, how can one forget furniture dusting? We assure you that all your furniture will become clean and hygienic with our furniture dusting. It will give your furniture a new shine and charm and help increase its life.

    Some other services we offer are Ceiling & wall dusting, cobweb removal, Door & Window Cleaning, Glass and Mirror cleaning, Balcony Cleaning, and Upstairs Cleaning. All you can say is we offer 360-degree deep residential cleaning of your house, and there is nothing left we don't clean.

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    CleanShala.In is the best home deep cleaning service in Kolkata. When looking for a service to sanitize your place, you need to consider the quality of service, the cost, the availability of other services, and the location. You also need to take into account the time it will take to compelte the sanitization. 

    Depending on the size of the home and amount of tasks involved, it may take from 2 hrs to 5 hrs to completely sanitize your space.

    You can use your home as soon as we complete the task and place your furnitures / appliances in their place ( in case shifting was done ).

    Yes, if our professionals are involved in damaging any property, we can compensate an amount after discussing it with the owner.

    No, refunds are not possible, we can revisit if you require any help.

    We use Hygine Pure 5L Floor Cleaner, Power cleaner, Satol S7 etc as per requirement.

    Our pricing policy is transparent. No other hidden or extra charges are required.

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    We are undoubtedly the best house cleaning service provider in Kolkata. Whether you talk about our procedure, highly skilled team, tools, efficiency, time management, and cost we have everything to impress you. We are always ready to serve you despite your location, house size, and time preference. CleanShala has only one objective: to serve its customers with everything at its best. So don't search for the best home cleaning services near me because CleanShala is always near you.

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