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    Affordable Toilet Cleaning Service

    Maintaining a neat and clean bathroom is crucial to uphold hygiene in households and offices. However, deeply cleaning bathrooms can be an uphill task for most families and establishments in the city of Vizag. This is where Clean Shala steps in as a professional bathroom, washroom and toilet cleaning company in Visakhapatnam. 

    Established in 2020, Clean Shala has already cleaned over 500 bathrooms across residential and commercial spaces in Visakhapatnam using harmless, eco-friendly approved chemicals and modern equipment. Our deep cleaning services leave the bathroom shiny and spotless. We also provide additional services like home cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning and water tank cleaning. 

    As the pioneers of professional bathroom cleaning services in Visakhapatnam, our goal is to relieve the bathroom cleaning burden for our customers with our dedicated staff and world-class equipment. Over the past two years, we have delivered sparkling, germ-free bathrooms to many delighted customers in Vizag – both households and offices. Get in touch with us for affordable packages customized to your bathroom cleaning needs!

    bathroom before
    bathroom after cleaning

    Bathroom Cleaning Cost in Visakhapatnam

    The cost of bathroom cleaning services in Visakhapatnam varies depending on several factors like the number of bathrooms needing cleaning, total area that needs cleaning, amount of grime and mineral buildup, location accessibility, frequency of professional cleans required by the customer and supplementary services requested. Our professional bathroom cleaners provide customized quotes based on inspection of your bathrooms as standard industry rates cannot capture factors unique to each space; more bathrooms, larger areas, heavier soiling and greater cleaning frequencies raise costs while multi-room discounts help offset expenses for valued customers in Visakhapatnam.

    What Are Included in Bathroom Cleaning Services?

    Our deep bathroom cleaning Visakhapatnam services include thoroughly scrubbing tiles, grout, tubs and showers to revitalize them, eliminating mineral deposits, soap scum and tough grime using safe chemicals, descaling fixtures, disinfecting surfaces, wiping down mirrors and chrome for sparkling clarity, mopping floors, and dusting every corner until your bathroom is deeply cleaned and completely refreshed. We leave no stone unturned to remove all stains and grime for a bathroom that looks and feels brand new.

    • Removing hard water stains, soap scum and mineral deposits using mild, harmless chemicals
    • Eliminating yellow spots and tough grime from surfaces and fixtures
    • Scrubbing tile, grout, tubs, and showers to revitalize their condition
    • Descaling sink and shower fixtures to improve shine
    • Disinfecting toilets, counters and other surfaces
    • Wiping down mirrors, glass and chrome for sparkling clarity
    • Mopping and dusting all corners and edges
    • Leaving your bathroom completely refreshed

    our Bathroom Cleaning procedures


    We carry out a comprehensive inspection of the entire bathroom space including fixtures, tiles cleaning, glass surfaces, vents, storage areas etc. We check for grime buildup, stains, mineral deposits, soap scum and damage. This allows us to customize the cleaning based on the specific needs of the bathroom.

    Cleaning Products Application

    We use only eco-friendly, non-toxic commercial-grade cleaning products that are safe but tough on grime. We spray/apply these to tiles, glass surfaces, fixtures and fittings focusing on heavily soiled areas first. The specially formulated gel clings and penetrates the grime allowing the chemicals time to lift the dirt.

    Scrubbing & Wiping

    Using firm-bristled brushes, microfiber cloths and durable wipes our technicians thoroughly scrub surfaces like tile walls, floors, sinks, countertops, toilets, bathtubs, taps etc. The mechanical scrubbing combined with the cleaning solutions emulsifies and dissolves even ingrained stains, soap scum and hard water deposits. All surfaces are repeatedly wiped down to eliminate residue.

    Grout Cleaning

    We use concentrated non-acidic grout cleaners along with customized grout scrub brushes that can access thin crevice lines. This tackles discolouration and brings dull grout back to life.

    Descaling Fixtures

    To remove mineral buildup and corrosion inside tap fittings and shower heads we use a non-damaging descaling acid to dissolve blockages for improved water flow and shine.


    Sanitization is an important part of our bathroom cleaning. Hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectants are applied to kill illness causing germs and bacteria lurking in toilet bowls, sinks, faucets, counters, doorknobs etc ensuring the safety and hygiene for usage.  

    Final Touches

    To complete the cleaning service we mop floors with a sanitizing floor cleaner, wipe down counters, cabinet fronts, doors etc for a streak free finish, remove all equipment and thoroughly clean the space for a pristine almost new bathroom.

    Why Hire Professionals for Bathroom Cleaning?

    1. Professional cleaning services have the right equipment like industrial vacuum cleaners, pressurized water jets, and cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean a bathroom. Home cleaning in Visakhapatnam does not utilize such specialized gear suitable for the deep cleaning needs of bathrooms.

    2. Companies offering home cleaning services and professional bathroom service providers in Visakhapatnam use eco-friendly yet potent cleaning agents that are tough on grime and gentle for environmental health. Doing it yourself at home often involves working with harsh unregulated chemicals. 

    3. Technicians from reputed cleaning service providers like our company are extensively trained and experienced to handle the most difficult stains, soap scum and mineral deposition that accumulate in bathrooms over time.

    4. Hiring a professional cleaning service provider in Visakhapatnam allows you to avail specialized services like water purifier cleaning, vacuum cleaning for sofa or full home deep cleaning along with your bathroom cleaning needs. This enables thorough maintenance for your property in one session.

    5. Our professionals handle all equipment and cleaning procedures with great care, ensuring no damage occurs to your valuable bathroom surfaces, fittings etc. Mishandling during DIY or home cleaning services could lead to breakage requiring expensive replacements.  

    Contact us to experience this world-class professional service first-hand in getting your bathroom cleaner than it has ever been!

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    We use natural plant-based cleaning solutions from brands like Ecover along with steam cleaning, non-toxic degreasers, etc. which are safe when providing services yet tough on grime.

    Our bathroom cleaning in Visakhapatnam includes meticulous scrubbing of all tiles, corners, grouts, and crevices using soft to firm scrub pads by trained cleaning experts to lift dirt.

    Yes, we have trained housekeeping staff and provide quality service for both men and women depending on customer preference through our website or app.

    We offer great flexibility in customizing packages from comprehensive whole home deep cleaning services in Visakhapatnam to a basic bathroom cleaning routine as per need.

    Yes we also clean bedroom, kitchen besides bathroom cleaning. Those add-on services will cost extra charges

    Safety first with masks, gloves, shoe covers for staff and disinfection of all critical high touchpoint areas in addition to deep cleaning in the pandemic era.

    We beat competitor pricing with potential loyalty discounts on subscriptions yet assure best professionals and equipment are deployed so quality doesn’t suffer.

    Online options are available but cash/UPI on-site payment to cleaning staff works too if that meets customer satisfaction as per convenience.

    While we focus on bathroom/toilet cleaning services done twice a year, we assist loyal customers with reliable painter or waterproofing service contractor references for more complex leakages etc. Please call our helpful customer care!

    Bathroom Cleaning Services Near Me

    Our premier bathroom cleaning services cover every corner of Visakhapatnam from central localities to outlying suburbs. So whether you are located in areas like Maddilapalem, NAD Junction, and dozens more, we provide professional-grade cleaning for households and offices nearby. With extensive coverage spanning every pincode in Vizag, we are undoubtedly the top choice for superior bathroom cleaning services near me.

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