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    Upholstery Cleaning Company in Visakhapatnam

    Upholstered furniture like sofas and couches are prone to accumulating dirt, dust mites, and spills that can be difficult for households to thoroughly clean. Maintaining the hygiene of these items is crucial in homes and offices across Visakhapatnam. Hiring a professional sofa cleaning service ensures your furniture gets deep cleaned properly.

    Clean Shala is a leading sofa dry cleaning and upholstery cleaning company serving Visakhapatnam since 2020. We utilize powerful eco-friendly chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment to provide sofa shampooing and deep sofa cleaning services that eliminate embedded dirt and stains. Our trained technicians can restore your upholstered furniture to like-new condition. In addition to upholstery cleaning, we also offer professional home and office cleaning, carpet cleaning, water tank cleaning and more in Visakhapatnam.

    Trust Clean Shala for effective, affordable sofa dry cleaning services to maintain cleanliness and hygiene across your home or workplace.

    What Are Included in Sofa Cleaning Services?

    Our comprehensive deep sofa cleaning in Visakhapatnam involves dry vacuuming to lift dirt, applying specialized cleaning solutions to penetrate and dissolve grime, agitating with a powered hand scrubbing machine, wet vacuuming to extract soils for a deeper clean, and thorough drying to prevent mould or mildew growth. We repeat processes as needed to revitalize upholstery down to the base of the fibres.

    • Dry Vacuuming Sofa Surface: Dry vacuuming to remove loose dirt from the sofa surface. Our cleaners use powerful vacuum cleaners designed specifically for upholstery to lift and extract dust, crumbs, and other debris. This prepares your furniture for deeper cleaning.
    • Applying Cleaning Solutions: Our cleaners use non toxic chemical formulas that penetrate deep to dissolve stains and lift dirt from the fabric. These eco-friendly solutions are safe for families and pets when dry.
    • Letting Solutions Soak: Letting solutions soak for 10-15 minutes. This dwell time allows our powerful but gentle sofa cleaning detergents to break down stubborn, stuck-on soil.
    • Scrubbing Fabric with Machine: Agitating fabric with a hand scrubber machine. We use speciality tools with nylon brushes that scrub fabric to dislodge grime the vacuum couldn’t remove. The brushing also works cleaning agents further into the material.
    • Wet Vacuuming: Wet vacuuming away lifted dirt/stains. After scrubbing, our cleaners perform another thorough pass with the speciality vacuum to extract suspended soils and cleaning residue, leaving your sofa fresh and clean down to the base of the fibres.
    • Repeating for Optimal Clean: Repeating as needed for optimal cleanliness. For sofas and upholstery that are excessively soiled, we simply repeat the sofa cleaning process until no more dirt or stains appear. This ensures the most thorough deep clean.

    Sofa Cleaning Cost in Visakhapatnam

    Our sofa cleaning rates in Visakhapatnam vary based on specific factors like the total number of sofa seats needing cleaning, the size of the upholstery pieces, the fabric materials involved, the current level of soiling, stain removal needs, the service location distance from our facility, and add-ons like Scotchgard protection. Contact our professional cleaners for an exact quote tailored to refresh your fabric and leather furniture within your budget. *The service charge may change while you are viewing this.

    Sofa Cleaning Starting Price: ₹135 / Per Seat

    Suede, Leather & Fabric Sofa Cleaning Service

    At Clean Shala, we expertly clean all types of upholstered furniture using customized techniques for each material that lift soils without risk of damage. For suede, we gently lift embedded dirt and stains using a soft brush and mild cleaner. Leather receives conditioning along with scrubbing to nourish while revitalizing. Fabric sofas are pretreated to loosen oils and grime before hot water extraction pulls it away. We also safely clean PU leather, microfiber, cotton, polyester blends and more. Trust our experienced cleaning professionals for effective sofa sanitization and allergen/dirt removal from fabric, leather or suede. We provide the best sofa cleaning customized to your furnishings’ materials. Contact us to refresh your home or office upholstery.

    Why Does One Need To Clean Sofa At Regular Interval?

    Upholstered items like sofas and couches quickly accumulate dirt, germs, stains, and bad odours that degrade air quality and hygiene. Families lounge, eat and shed skin cells on these surfaces daily. Pets also spread soils. Allowing buildup risks of health issues and faster furniture deterioration.

    That’s why regular professional sofa cleaning is essential. Our deep cleaning removes embedded allergens, eliminates foul smells, and kills bacteria and viruses that cleaning attempts by hand leave behind. Extending your furniture cleaning lifespan also saves replacement costs down the road. Routine cleaning leaves your home happier and healthier while preserving your investment in quality sofas and couches. Trust our highly experienced service professionals to refresh upholstery and maintain a clean, comfortable ambience. Contact sofa cleaning service providers in Visakhapatnam like us for a free estimate.

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    Our sofa cleaning rates depend on various factors like the number of seats, size of upholstery, fabric type, level of soiling, stains to be removed etc. Our experienced professionals will provide you a tailored quote to get the best cleaning within your budget to restore your sofas.

    Yes, besides sofa cleaning we also provide upholstery cleaning services for armchairs, recliners, ottomans, bench cushions etc. Our team of experts is trained to handle a wide range of furniture.

    We use customized eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced equipment for specific materials. For example, suede and leather need special cleaners while fabric sofas are cleaned by hot water extraction method.

    Yes, we provide optional scotchgarding to upholstery after deep cleaning for long lasting protection from stains and spills through our specialized treatment process.

    We clean the entire sofa including covers, frame, cushions etc. for a thorough, top-notch cleaning service. Our technicians are equipped to handle all parts.

    Sofas are ready to use in 24 hours after our cleaning service. The drying time depends on the fabric density and weather conditions. Our experts will advise you accordingly.

    Besides upholstery cleaning, we also provide complete home, office, carpet and mattress cleaning services in Vizag. Get all your cleaning needs fulfilled by us!

    We are the most popular sofa cleaners in Visakhapatnam that cover all major areas and pin codes of the city. Give us your address, and we’ll be at your doorstep.

    Our powerful cleaning solutions and tools can eliminate even tough stains like grease, ink, wine, coffee, juice etc. from your fabric or leather upholstery through our proven techniques.

    You don’t need to prepare much for our sofa cleaning service. Just remove any loose cushions and valuables before our team arrives. We’ll handle the rest for your convenience.

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    Sofa cleaning services near me

    Clean Shala dispatches trained sofa cleaning experts to service Visakhapatnam homes and offices across nearly every part of the city, including surrounding suburbs and most pin codes. We provide professional upholstery cleaning for fabric, leather, suede and more. Contact us to refresh your sofa, loveseat or lounge suite. Discover premier cleaning services near your vicinity.

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