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    Commercial Cleaning Company in Visakhapatnam

    Maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is crucial for the health and productivity of any office or commercial establishment. However, thoroughly cleaning large commercial spaces on a regular basis can be an enormous struggle for companies in Visakhapatnam. This is where Clean Shala steps in. Established in 2020, Clean Shala is a professional commercial space cleaning company serving Visakhapatnam that has already cleaned over 500 offices and commercial establishments across the city.

    We use only eco-friendly, approved chemicals and modern equipment for deep cleaning, leaving your entire workspace sparkling clean. Our services include not just expert office cleaning service in Visakhapatnam, but also thorough commercial/industrial cleaning, home cleaning, sofa and carpet cleaning, water tank cleaning and more. With a diligent, reliable team and a commitment to using the latest methods, Clean Shala aims to be the most trusted office and commercial cleaning service provider in the city. Contact us today to transform your workspace!

    What is included in our office cleaning service?

    Our deep office cleaning services include all aspects of your workplace – thorough cleaning of office floors and walls, deep scrubbing of bathrooms and the kitchen, dusting and disinfecting all furniture as well as carpet and rug cleaning. No job is too big or small for our affordable cleaning services for office Visakhapatnam.

    Office Furniture Cleaning Visakhapatnam:

    We carefully vacuum, brush, spot clean and sanitize chairs, sofas, desks, cabinets etc. with fabric-safe solutions to lift dirt from the deepest corners and refresh even old furniture.

    Office floor deep cleaning Visakhapatnam:

    Our experts thoroughly sweep, mop, and sanitize all hard and soft floors including tiles, wood, laminate, etc using commercial-grade cleaners and advanced equipment to remove stubborn stains. We scrub every inch of the floors to restore their shine.

    Office bathroom cleaning Visakhapatnam:

    We deep clean the bathroom from top to bottom including tiles, fixtures, commodes, sinks using eco-friendly disinfectants and leave no corner untouched to remove grime and bacteria. Our 5-step bathroom cleaning process ensures maximum hygiene.

    Office kitchen cleaning Visakhapatnam:

    Meticulous cleaning of counter tops, sinks, pipes and appliances with non-toxic cleaners, removing grease deposits and limescale as well as garbage disposal and recycle bins inside-out are all part of our comprehensive kitchen cleaning.

    Office Carpet Cleaning Visakhapatnam:

    We use state-of-the-art equipment with powerful suction to deep clean office carpets and rugs, removing embedded dust, stains, allergens and refreshing them completely. High pressure steam cleaning may also be used.

    Why does one need to clean the Office at regular intervals?

    Keeping an office or commercial space clean should be a top priority for any business. Allowing dirt, germs and clutter to build up can lead to a host of issues that impact health, productivity and professionalism. This is where hiring a thorough office cleaning service becomes critical.

    A reliable and frequent commercial cleaning service keeps the entirety of your workspace dirt-free and sanitized. Getting rid of germs through disinfecting translates to fewer employee sick days. Moreover, a tidy, organized office has been linked to increased productivity and efficiency among workers. Lastly, maintaining clean interiors and floors conveys professionalism and competence to visiting clients and employees alike. Investing in regular deep cleaning ensures your office space promotes health, efficiency and good impressions at all times.

    Office Cleaning Cost in Visakhapatnam

    When it comes to office cleaning costs in Visakhapatnam, several factors determine the service rates like the total floor area, whether the office space is vacant for deep cleaning or occupied, the number of tasks involved such as post-construction, daily, weekly or one-time cleaning and the distance of the office location from our base. We offer very affordable office cleaning in Visakhapatnam customized to your space. Contact us for transparent pricing! * The starting price may change while you are viewing this.

    Total AreaStarting Price
    500 – 1000 sqft₹6499
    1000 – 2000 sqft₹7999
    2000 – 4000 sqft₹12999

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    We use only eco-friendly, non-toxic supplies and HEPA-filter equipped vacuum cleaners for thorough cleaning without harmful fumes or residues.

    Our office cleaning service in Visakhapatnam teams clean daily, weekly or bi-weekly as per your requirement, at night or on weekends to not disturb workflow.

    Yes, we thoroughly clean under and behind furniture and also rearrange/decorate it back to maintain the office ambience after cleaning.

    We sign NDAs with all clients to ensure complete confidentiality of facilities, data and belongings.

    Our cleaners undergo extensive background checks and training in latest techniques as we provide reliable commercial cleaning services.

    Our services can be customized to include outdoor areas like porches, lawns and outdoor office furniture at an additional cost.

    Waste disposal adhering to norms is part of our process without any hazards from the client’s premises.

    Yes, we furnish fully transparent, itemized invoices monthly or bi-monthly listing all costs of office cleaning services.

    Festive or annual deep cleaning services can be booked in advance at special rates as value adds.

    We offer carpeting, pest control, chair/sofa washing, and wall painting as extra services besides basic cleaning.

    Office cleaning services near me

    Seeking “Office Cleaning Services Near Me”? Clean Shala offers premier office cleaning and upkeep across the length and breadth of Visakhapatnam. Our skilled teams serve commercial spaces situated anywhere, from MVP Colony and Maharanipeta to farther localities like Pedawaltair, NAD X Road, Beach Road and more. Regardless of your PIN code, we cover all adjoining areas. Just one call brings our experts to your doorway, delivering a new standard of workspace hygiene.

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