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    Carpet shampooing Service At Home

    Keeping carpets and rugs clean is essential for maintaining hygiene and health in homes and offices. However, it can be a struggle for households in Visakhapatnam to keep carpets deeply clean on their own. This demonstrates the importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

    Clean Shala is a professional carpet dry cleaning company in Visakhapatnam that commenced operations in 2020. We have already cleaned numerous carpets and rugs in households and offices across the city. Our commercial and residential carpet cleaning services utilize harmless, eco-friendly approved chemicals and modern equipment for deep cleaning, and removing embedded dirt and stains. This leaves the entire carpet fresh, dirt-free and hygienic. Along with carpet cleaning, our other services include home cleaning, office cleaning, water tank cleaning etc. Our professional cleaners have the expertise to make your carpets, rugs and households spotlessly clean. Contact Clean Shala for all your cleaning needs in Visakhapatnam.

    What is Included in Carpet Cleaning Services?

    Our carpet dry cleaning in Visakhapatnam deeply cleans all types of carpets – acrylic, coir, cotton, polyester etc. We professionally perform dry vacuuming to lift surface dust, apply special cleaning solutions to dissolve dirt, agitate the pile with brushing machines to dislodge grime and extract residual dirt through powerful wet vacuuming. With our carpet shampooing and washing services, we ensure your carpets are left fresh, clean and dry.

    Tasks Involved:

    • Thorough pre-inspection of the carpet to identify the material, soiling levels, high traffic areas, spots and stains. This allows our carpet cleaning company in Visakhapatnam to customize the cleaning plan.
    • Priority is given to protecting the home and furnishings while cleaning. We use corner guards, drop cloths, walk-out mats etc. to prevent any damage.
    • Furniture is carefully moved using glides to avoid snags and tears. Pieces are replaced onto plastic tabs/blocks post-cleaning.
    • Intensive dry vacuuming of both sides to lift surface dust and dirt. This prepares the carpet for deeper cleaning.
    • For wet cleaning methods, both sides are soaked well with water to loosen embedded soil.
    • Commercial-grade carpet shampoos (Taski 101/103) are sprayed and scrubbed in to lift tough stains. Baking soda boosts foam generation.
    • A hand scrubber/single-disk machine thoroughly agitates the pile to dislodge grime adhered to carpet fibres.
    • The shampoo solution is reapplied and scrubbed again for maximum soil removal.
    • The carpet is rinsed well with clean water to flush out all residue.
    • A wet vacuum thoroughly extracts excess moisture, leaving the carpet clean and dry.

    Carpet Cleaning Cost in Visakhapatnam

    Our carpet cleaning rates in Visakhapatnam vary based on size, fabric, soiling levels and service location. Cost increases with more carpet area and thicker piles needing intensive work. Heavily soiled carpets require longer cleaning processes hence pricing is higher. Distance travelling also adds to service charges. Overall our quality cleaning is very competitively priced, with transparent upfront quotes. Get precise price estimates by booking an inspection! *The starting price may change while you are viewing this.

    SizeStarting Price
    25 sqft.₹499
    25-50 sqft.₹699
    50-100 sqft.₹1099

    Why Clean Carpet Regularly?

    Carpets and rugs require regular deep cleaning to keep dirt, germs and bad odours at bay. As they tread upon daily, carpets trap everything from food crumbs, soil and pet hair to bacteria and chemicals over time. If left unchecked, these materials accumulate and embed within the carpet fibers leading to a build-up of gritty dirt as well as foul smells.

    By thoroughly cleaning carpets every few months, all these unwanted contaminants can be flushed out. This restores hygiene removes stains and smells, improves indoor air quality and greatly increases the carpet’s lifespan by preventing premature wear and tear. Overall, professional periodic carpet cleaning is crucial for maintaining cleanliness, health and visual appeal indoors over years of use. It pays for itself many times over.

    Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

    Expertise and Proper Equipment

    Professionals use powerful hot water extractors, wet/dry vacuums, and commercial cleaning solutions out of reach for rentals or home models. This allows deeper and more thorough carpet cleaning.

    Removes All Kinds of Stains and Odors

    With strong cleaning solutions and steam, professionals can eliminate the toughest stains from food, grease, pets etc. as well as bad odours that regular cleaning cannot tackle.

    Protects Health from Allergens and Irritants

    Thorough cleaning removes dust mites, pet dander and other allergens that get deeply trapped in carpets over time. This improves indoor air quality.

    Avoid Damage from DIY Attempts

    Improper DIY cleaning can lead to overwetting, mould growth and permanent carpet damage. Professionals have the skills to clean correctly without any such risks.

    Saves Time and Effort

    Cleaning carpets thoroughly takes lots of physical effort and hours of work. Hiring professionals allows you to skip the labour while getting far better results.

    Why choose us?

    3 years of professional excellence

    Expert Service providers enlisted

    Hassle-free & affordable service

    Varieties of cleaning services Available

    100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

    Services are available in multiple locations


    Yes, we offer free test cleaning demonstrations to show the effectiveness of our steam carpet cleaning and eco-friendly rug shampooing techniques before full service (carpet installation, tile grout cleaning)

    Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services come with a 30-day post-cleaning warranty against re-soiling or reappearing stains and odors (flood water damage, pet stains removal).

    We have specialized solvents and upholstery cleaning methods suitable for delicate silk, wool or other luxury carpets and area rugs.

    Our carpet cleaning solutions and equipment used are certified green cleaning, non-toxic and completely safe for pets, children with no harsh fumes.

    Our rates include treatment for stubborn water and pet damage, urine odor removal, stain removal and anti-stain sealing application options (carpet repair, carpet stretching).

    We offer optional deodorizing, sanitizing, and anti-stain Teflon protectant applications for your carpets for extra charges.

    All our professional Visakhapatnam carpet cleaners (Vizag) are full-time employees usually working in teams of 2 for better accountability.

    Carpets more than 10 years old usually cannot be revived through cleaning services if the fabric is too worn out or damaged (carpet care tips).

    Yes, same-day emergency carpet cleaning services possible but subject to availability and additional urgent charges.

    We take standard precautions like floor guards while moving furniture (steam carpet cleaning), drop cloths and plastic tabs under base of furniture.

    Client testimonials

    Carpet cleaning services near me

    Clean Shala’s carpet cleaning services extend across every part of Visakhapatnam, including the farthest suburbs. Whether it is an apartment, bungalow, office space or commercial outlet, our large cleaning crew can reach you anywhere based on the PIN code. With advanced equipment and solutions, we provide top-quality carpet-washing services for clients throughout Visakhapatnam and neighbouring areas. Call now to book a cleaning visit at your location.

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