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    Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Kolkata

    Swimming pools provide refreshing recreation, exercise and beauty to homes, hotels, and housing complexes in Kolkata. But without regular cleaning and maintenance by professionals, pool water can become cloudy, contaminated and unsuitable for swimming. Trying to maintain safe chemistry, clean surfaces, and keep equipment running properly on your own is extremely difficult. Instead, hire our expert swimming pool cleaning service in Kolkata. Clean Shala’s experienced technicians use specialized tools and processes to balance chemicals, remove debris, scrub surfaces, and keep your pool sparkling clean. Trust us for weekly or monthly pool maintenance for crystal-clear water and safe, enjoyable swimming.

    Best Pool Cleaning Company

    Clean Shala is Kolkata’s top pool cleaning company, launched in 2020. In just 3 years, we have served over 500 happy pool owners across the city. Our team of 20+ highly trained professionals uses the latest equipment and non-toxic chemicals to provide exceptional pool care. We offer expert cleaning for pools of all sizes and types using vacuum systems, brushes, and filters. Clean Shala also provides premier home, office, kitchen, sofa, carpet, water tank, aquarium and more cleaning services in Kolkata. Trust our skilled technicians for all your residential and commercial pool cleaning and maintenance needs! We keep pools crystal clear and running perfectly.

    Swimming Pool Services Offered

    At Clean Shala, we offer the best swimming pool maintenance service in Kolkata with comprehensive cleaning care. Our expert technicians inspect all plumbing and equipment, making any needed repairs. We thoroughly test and balance your pool’s water chemistry for proper sanitization and clarity. Maintenance visits include completely skimming debris, vacuuming floors, scrubbing surfaces, and cleaning pumps and filters. We refill to precise levels with clean water as required. You can trust Clean Shala for the most thorough cleaning and upkeep for residential or commercial pools. We keep your pool sparkling, safe and ready for summer enjoyment.

    • Pool, premise and plumbing inspections: Our experienced, certified technicians perform a thorough visual and functional inspection of the pool, pumps, filters, pipes and surrounding facilities to identify any issues or repairs needed to ensure safe operation. We closely examine all components and report any recommended fixes.
    • Check equipment and inventory: We thoroughly inspect all mechanical equipment like pumps, filters, valves, and cleaners to verify proper functioning. Chemical supplies are checked and re-stocked so your pool has the right balance and sanitization.
    • Remove all trash on the on-site facility: Our cleaning staff uses skimmers and nets to remove all leaves, debris, insects and other trash from the water surface and bottom of the pool, keeping the entire aquatic environment immaculate.
    • Checking pool for pollution: Using professional digital meters and test strips, we analyze pool water chemistry by checking levels of pH, chlorine, cyanuric acid and more to catch any improper balances or contamination.
    • Filling of the swimming pool: When needed, our technicians use specialized hoses, meters and equipment to empty and precisely refill your pool to the correct levels using fresh, clean water. We avoid overfilling.
    • Stipulating the chlorine quality: To maintain proper disinfection, we administer and continually test the ideal chlorine level needed in your pool water to keep it crystal clear and sanitary for swimmers. The right chlorine level kills germs without irritation.

    Swimming Pool Cleaning Cost in Kolkata

    Swimming pool cleaning costs in Kolkata vary based on pool size and type, frequency of service, location accessibility, and additional features needing cleaning. Larger inground pools with waterfalls cleaned less often in remote areas generally cost more for our professional service. However, regular maintenance for simple aboveground pools can be very affordable. Contact us for an exact quote! *The price may change while you are viewing this.

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    Most pools need a professional cleaning every 2-4 weeks to keep water balanced and surfaces clean.

    We use only the best EPA-approved, non-toxic pool chemicals like chlorine to sanitize water and remove stains safely.

    Yes, our techs are trained to diagnose and repair pumps, filters and other pool equipment to keep it running properly.

    We service residential and commercial pools across all parts of Kolkata including New Town, Salt Lake, Lake Gardens and more.

    We offer customizable weekly, biweekly or monthly maintenance plans to meet your needs and budget.

    We are experts in caring for both traditional chlorine and saltwater pool systems.

    Our team uses commercial-grade vacuums, leaf skimmers, brushes and other latest equipment to clean pools thoroughly.

    Our complete cleaning service takes 1-2 weeks for average-sized residential pools.

    Yes, we provide emergency and same-day service for urgent pool cleaning needs.

    Pool openings in Spring and closings in Fall can be added to your maintenance plan.

    Swimming Pool cleaning services near me

    We are ready to serve you regardless of where your pool is located or what the dimensions are. Clean Shala is committed to giving our customers unmatched excellence in pool care. So you don’t need to look for the top pool cleaning companies near me, because CleanShala is always nearby and equipped to keep your pool crystal clear.

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