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    Professional Fish Tank Cleaning Service Kolkata

    An aquarium adds beauty and serenity to any home. Fish tanks require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep aquatic life healthy and support ecosystem balance. However, properly cleaning an aquarium on your own can be challenging. Hard-to-reach spots lead to algae build-up and dirty substrates allow waste accumulation. Trying to change water without professional vacuums often harms delicate fish. Instead, hire our expert aquarium cleaning service in Kolkata. We use specialized tools to thoroughly clean decorative items, scrub inside glass, siphon gravel, rinse filters and perform safe water changes. Trust Clean Shala for sparkling clear aquariums and healthy fish with regular service.

    Aquarium Maintenance Service in Kolkata

    Clean Shala is Kolkata’s premier aquarium cleaning and maintenance service, launched in 2020. In just 3 years, we have served over 500 satisfied aquarium owners across the city. Our team of 20+ highly trained professionals uses modern tools and harmless, eco-friendly chemicals to provide exceptional care for your aquariums. We offer deep cleanings for fish tanks of all sizes using specialized vacuums, scrubbers and filters. Clean Shala also provides top-quality home, office, kitchen, sofa, carpet, water tank, pool and more cleaning services in Kolkata. Trust our experts for all your cleaning needs!

    Aquarium Cleaning Services Offered

    At Clean Shala, we offer the best fish tank cleaning in Kolkata for freshwater, saltwater, aquascaped and planted tanks. Our comprehensive service cleans the entire aquarium ecosystem. We use non-scratch sponges to gently clean glass walls and remove tough mold buildup. Gravel is deep vacuumed to dispose waste and our experts carefully prune overgrown plants. Aquarium equipment like filters, pumps and heaters are all inspected and adjusted for optimal function. We thoroughly rinse ornaments, treating each delicate decoration with care. Trust Clean Shala’s skilled technicians to provide complete cleaning care for spotless, healthy aquariums.

    • Water changing: Our reliable professionals perform complete aquarium water changes, using gravel vacuums to remove waste and replace with clean, conditioned water for healthy fish tanks.
    • Glass cleaning: We use non-abrasive sponges and scrubbers to thoroughly clean aquarium glass walls and remove untreated algae growth.
    • Algae removal: Our experienced staff inspects all decorations and uses gentle but effective tools to remove dirty, unmaintained algae from ornaments, plants and substrate.
    • Filter maintenance: Clean Shala technicians open filters, rinse filter media and inspect equipment to ensure proper, professional aquarium maintenance.
    • Equipment inspection: We examine all aquarium equipment like heaters, pumps and lights, adjusting as needed for optimal performance.
    • Plant trimming/pruning: Overgrown aquarium plants are neatly trimmed and pruned by our staff to support aquatic life.
    • Gravel vacuuming: Waste is removed from substrate during water changes using specialized vacuums for deeper cleaning.
    • Tank decoration cleaning: Every decoration is scrubbed and cleaned by hand to remove algae and maintain attractively decorated fish tanks.
    • Equipment adjustments: Our experienced professionals adjust and calibrate all equipment like air pumps, timers and lights during cleaning.
    • Maintenance scheduling: We provide regular maintenance schedules for professional aquarium cleaning tailored to each client’s needs.

    Aquarium Cleaning Cost in Kolkata

    Fish tank cleaning costs in Kolkata vary based on tank type and size, aquascaping complexity, cleaning frequency, location, and other factors. Larger, more decorative tanks in remote areas cleaned less often generally cost more for our professional service. However, regular cleanings for simple freshwater tanks can be very affordable. Contact us for an exact quote! *The price may change while you are viewing this.

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    Our aquarium cleaning service is available 6 days a week from 9am-6pm for scheduled cleanings; we also provide emergency services outside regular hours.

    Yes, we expertly service fish tanks in both residential homes and commercial offices across Kolkata.

    We use fish-safe nets and monitors to safely move fish during cleaning, minimizing stress with our professional protocol.

    Most tanks require cleaning every 2-4 weeks to maintain water quality and prevent algae buildup.

    Yes, we understand urgent cleaning needs arise and offer emergency same-day or next-day services when possible.

    Only mild, non-toxic chemicals like vinegar and aquarium salt are used to safely clean tanks and equipment.

    Full setups, breakdowns and artistic aquascaping services are available from our experienced team.

    While we can spot signs of disease, we do not diagnose or medically treat fish illnesses during cleaning.

    Our additional services include leak repair, pump/filter fixes, part replacements and more to get aquariums working properly.

    We are happy to service fish tanks across all parts of Kolkata including Ballygunge, Salt Lake, New Town and more.

    Aquarium cleaning services near me

    Undoubtedly, we stand as the premier aquarium cleaning service provider in Kolkata. Our exceptional procedure, highly skilled team, efficient tools, and impeccable time management make us the ideal choice. We are prepared to serve you regardless of your aquarium size, type, or location. Clean Shala is dedicated to providing its customers with the utmost excellence in fish tank maintenance. So, don’t search for the best aquarium cleaning services near me, because CleanShala is always nearby and ready to keep your tanks crystal clear.

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